Staging for Sellers

Staging your property when selling can be an excellent investment to improve the appeal of your property to potential buyers. Staging involves arranging furniture, décor, and accessories to showcase the property's best features and helps potential buyers envision themselves living there.

Return on Investment

Professional Staging can add 7.5% to 12.5% on the sale price of your property. On a $750,000 property; that could be an extra $93,750 value added to your property sale.

We do all the planning for you

After assessing your property styling needs and the spaces you wish to highlight, a furniture floor plan is developed and a digital furniture board is compiled showcasing the style and type of furnishing that will be included in each room. Once approved we lock items for the length of your staging plan which is usually 4-6 weeks before they are returned back to our hire warehouse.

Home Staging Floor PlanHome Staging Living Room Layout

Property Staging Statistics

81% - "I can see myself living here"

A 2024 study reports that 81% of buyers agents said that staging helps potential buyers visualise a property as their future home. *1

58% - "I see this differently"

Nearly two thirds of buyers perception of a property can be affected if a property is professional staged. *1

96% - "Need Decluttering"

Almost all agents recommend a property be decluttered and styled before it goes to market. *1

*1“Profile of Home Staging.” NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. All rights reserved. Copyright ©2024