Astille Retail Design Concept

Astille is a Brisbane based fashion label focusing on designing and crafting highly tailored and ethically produced womenswear. Astille is born out of a love of classic French design and living but with a contemporary twist. This shines through in the stunning garments they design and produce. Classic and timeless in form but with fabrics and finishes that turn heads.

This design concept is a viability study for a flagship location in a high end retail centre. Disko Designs worked closely with the tenancy coordinator and in tandem with the centre guidelines in order to produce an elevated storefront that blended with the centres target market and aesthetic. 

"Divine Threads" is born!

"The 'Divine Threads' concept seamlessly weaves together traditional form and finish with a modern flair, embodying the essence of French inspiration that defines Astille. Much like a pilgrimage to Versailles' Royal Chapel, the design aims to evoke a profound reverence for the garments while igniting a sense of joy and awe for their beauty and craftsmanship."


Arches and mirrors, reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles, are strategically integrated into the design, complemented by opulent gold and brass accents juxtaposed against earthy plaster walls. The central display stand and gracefully curved bulkhead encourage fluid circulation and exploration throughout the store.

Sustainability takes centre stage with a bold statement: a contrasting red carpet, meticulously crafted from 100% recycled post-commercial waste, graces the heart of the store. Thoughtful choices like LED lighting, reflective surfaces, and strategically placed mirrors contribute to reduced energy consumption.

A discreetly concealed mirror-clad Murphy door provides a seamless transition to the back-of-house area. The fitting rooms offer ample space, adorned with soft drapery and adorned with a captivating deep pile custom carpet in bold black and white. Truly a design fit for royalty.”


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