Interior Design Trends to Leave in 2023

Photo by Steph Wilson on Unsplash

Another year draws to an end, a new one starts and we churn another cycle of trends; so naturally I had to write a click-bait title so you read this to find out what’s out in 2024. As Heidi Klum would say “One minute you’re in, the next you’re out”. Well here’s the thing, I fundamentally don’t believe we should invest in trends, at least not Microtrends (aka what’s hot this week/month/year) and you should only half look at Macro trends (trends that last a few years).

Why you ask? Surely as a designer, I’m on the bleeding edge of what’s hot right? Well, I’m sure to keep an eye on it but when I design for a client, I’m focusing on them; their likes, needs, problems and preferences and sure, I might pull some inspiration from what’s currently happening in the world or leverage some new technology in products but my job is to fulfil the brief and solve problems. Below I’ve compiled some trends within the interior design space that I think we can safely wave goodbye to as we enter the year of our Lord 2024!

1. Squiggly Furniture and Foam Oddities

This trend started from a place of good intentions. Someone saw a wavey organic mirror at some point and likely didn’t like the price tag (I get it mirrors can be weirdly expensive sometimes) and decided to make their own version with expanding foam. Now I love a DIY Queen but an can-do-attitude and a trip to Bunnings does not a designer make.

It might have looked good for a few weeks but it doesn’t look hot now, it looks passé. The whole trend has actually gone full circle where manufacturers have made designs based on the foam oddities based on other designers’ work. Messy right! Stick to a mirror that speaks to your design style, buy preloved and select something that works for the space into the next 10 years.

As for the squiggly furniture, I love organic spaces and curves can be amazing for creating movement around furniture but let’s maybe pull back on the fluting, scalloping and waves for the safe of waves when it comes to tables, ottomans and chairs.


2. The "BIG LIGHT"

I’ve spoken at nauseam about the “big light” before but it bears repeating. I am not a judgy person (honest) and firmly believe you should do what makes you feel good and your space should reflect you and make you happy; HOWEVER; I will judge people if they are happy to go about their evening just using the big light in the centre of the room. It’s such an easy fix; use some lamps, layer some lights and it’s not expensive. You might just need two lamps in your living room, maybe Santa could bring you some. Problem fixed!

3. Décor with Quotes and Words

We all poke fun at “Live, Laugh, Love” but the misfortunes of adding words to your space goes much further.

Be it cushions, wall art or a chopping board; there just aren’t too many instances that I can think of where adding words to decor and your space makes it better. If you have to literally spell it out then you’re trying too hard. A well-designed space should speak for itself and not need subtitles.

4. Lots of Open Storage

Here’s a designer secret, the thing that will immediately chip away at the cohesiveness of a design is clutter. Do you know where clutter collects? In open storage! If you trust yourself to maintain a small area of featured open storage to showcase some treasured items then go for it, but kitchens or living rooms that have 100% open storage are going to be a design nightmare unless you have total control over every item, all the time (aka you live by yourself and can be trusted to be tidy at all times). 

5. All White/Grey Interiors

You guys, we’re doing so well on pushing past this trend, the collective view is that doing an all-white/grey room is just making a decision without making a decision, it doesn’t say anything and is just meh! We’re seeing so many more colourful and joyful spaces appearing and I really hope we keep seeing the pendulum swing in that direction. If you do have a white wall situation that’s fine, just start to add colour, texture and pattern in other areas of the room to break it up.

So many incredible wallpapers, wall treatments, digitally printed fabrics and other delicious goodies are on the market in 2024, you’d be kicking yourself if you knew what you were missing out on.

You can still keep a calm and serene space with colours and finishes that aren’t grey or white. Don’t believe me, let’s chat 😉 

Yes, it looks nice and new but where is the soul?

6. Accessories for the sake of it

As my mother would say; “It’s not a bargain if you don’t really need it” and the same is true for decor and accessories. If you’re buying an “on-trend” vase just to fill a space, then I urge you to reconsider. Firstly it’s ok to allow spaces to breathe, not every surface needs a nick-nack on it, secondly, I think all of us are becoming more aware of the waste we’re generating. Will that Kmart vase continue to spark joy for you in 5 years? Maybe, maybe not. Instead, I encourage people to collect items of joy through their travels, find preloved items at antique/vintage stores or showcase a beloved gift. Think of accessories as a way of storytelling and not just an afternoon of shopping to “fill the space”. 

So there might have been some poignant and controversial points I raised above. And remember, it’s your space so do what makes you happy. On that topic; my forecast for 2024 and beyond, is to really deep dive into your soul and create and nurture a home that reflects you and what makes you smile. Don’t be a slave to articles and media about “what’s hot” or “trending”. You set the trends, baby!