Home Technology Worth Investing In

Photo by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) on Unsplash

When it comes to technology in the home, my philosophy is less is often more. When tech products are introduced they should fade into the background and improve the overall experience in the space. Below I’m going to give you my top list of tech(ish) products that you should seriously consider implementing in your interior project (and some that you might want to think twice about).

Yes: Dimmable Lights

So dimmers aren’t the cutting edge of technology; we’ve had them for decades now but it’s still surprising how often I enter a home and there are no controls for dimming lights. My rule is “If it can be dimmed, make it dimmable”! Janet Jackson liked control and I think you should too. Be it in the Kitchen, Bedroom, Dining or even Bathroom; controlling the amount of light in a space is a sure-fire way to get a moody designer atmosphere but still be practical and functional when high amounts of light are needed. 

Yes: Integrated Audio Systems

Is there anything more lush than walking around your home and the music just follows you? Or is that just me and my solo 7 pm discos? Music and light energise spaces and create atmosphere and investing in a solid sound system or network of speakers is an excellent way to add a luxury touch to your home. Systems don’t have to be expensive; you can always start with something like a few Google Assistant or Sonos speakers and add on in-ceiling/in-wall and even outdoor speakers as your space and budget calls for it. 

Image: Bose Free-Space Garden Speaker

Yes: Concealed TV's

Designers don’t love TVs because they’re usually big ugly things that demand attention in space and can take away from the planning gone into creating a comfortable and intimate space. If you don’t have the luxury of separating entertaining space from TV space there are a few things you think about to make your TV fade into the background.

  • Hide it with doors or movable panels 
  • Buy a Samsung Frame TV (not sponsored I just love them)
  • Consider a projector and retractable screen

Above: Samsung Frame TV; it just disappears in the room

Maybe Not: RGB Everything

Just because you can put a light in it and just because that light can change colour doesn’t mean you should include it in your home. Once cool and new, coloured lighting; especially if it’s constantly changing colour isn’t really associated with luxury or elevated interior design. It’s fun and works well in bars and nightclubs and yes you could integrate them into a games room or kids’ den but I would be staying with traditional 3000k lighting for most of my home. At the end of the day do what makes you happy but use colour-changing lights with restraint and use them in spaces that will create a big impact. Don’t simply add them because you can.

Maybe Not: High Tech Fridges

What can I say; They don’t make them like they used to. Here’s my hot take, a good fridge has one job; to keep your food cool and extend its shelf life. Beyond that I ideally want my fridge to fade into the background as much as possible. Integrated fridges are getting more and more popular but still cost a pretty penny. On the other end of the hidden spectrum we have the smart fridge that has a giant screen to manage your to-do list, keeps stock of what’s inside with a series of cameras and gives your recipe suggestions. This falls firmly into my bucket of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”. If you want an extra screen or digital shopping list in your kitchen perhaps consider a smart display on your countertop that can be used discreetly and will cost way less than a high-tech fridge.

Listen to my full rundown on tech items that I think you should consider including in your home and one’s that might need a second thinking through on this epsiode of the Disko Designs Podcast.