Colour Psychology for Home

Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash

Just beyond the all-white or all-grey house lies a wonderful place. It’s bright, it’s joyous and it’s full of colour. We all have different and personal connections with colour; some we love, some we can’t get away from quickly enough but it’s undisputable that colour can alter our mood and create a specific atmosphere.

Whether you’re using colour on walls, floors, furniture or accessories these emotional associates might help you in choosing the right hues for your space.

Honourable Mentions

You might have made it this far and I haven’t talked about your favourite colour yet. Well, there are so many tints, tones and hues in our big colourful world that I could spend the term of my natural life writing about them. Hues like Browns and Greys are built from other colours so if you can identify the undertones you can come back and match it to its primary hue. A seemingly infinite list of intermediate colours sits between larger primary colours. Take “Seafoam”; it’s not quite blue, it’s not quite green; in fact, it’s Blue-Green. The same goes for “Olive-Green”; it’s technically a Yellow-Green. 


You can use the guide above to narrow down the feeling and vibration of the space you want to curate then start to explore neighbouring hues and even contrasting ones that will make them pop even more.

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